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  • WCMS Retail Software.
  • Desktop PC.
  • Touch Screen Monitor.
  • Cash Draw.
  • BarCode Scanner.
  • Receipt Printer.


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Brand New System



  • WCMS Retail Software.
  • POS Touch Terminal.
  • Cash Draw.
  • BarCode Scanner.
  • Receipt Printer.

wcms Retail - product features

This solution is ideal for retailers (Grocery Stores, Gift Shop, Milk Bars, Boutique etc). Keep track of stock balance, Sales and Purchases.

  • Produces tax invoices, handles refunds, lay buy, gift vouchers.
  • Supports multiple counters.
  • The system produces bar code labels for items that come without barcodes.
  • Supports multiple store location & transfer between stores.
  • Supports weighted average stock valuation method.
  • Displays on screen stock balances and warning when stocks are low.
  • Provides an easy and quick way for stock takes and count via hand held device (PDA).
  • Easy and quick entry of purchase order.
  • Support electronic data interchange (EDI). Where suppliers provide purchase order electronically via email which can be unloaded into the system, saving time having to feed purchases into the system.
  • Produces FPOS settlement report.
  • Management of users & roles.
  • Displays on touch screen, screen lay by and gift voucher balances.
  • Integrates with barcode scanner, receipt printer & weight scales.
  • Provides a sale report that can be used by the book keeper to make entries into your accounting system.
  • Customer relations management provides support for email, mail or phone marketing Champaign.
  • Provides reports for departmental sales, stock re-order list, stock balances, list of slow moving items etc.
  • Support for petty cash and float (Cash register operations).
  • Supports cash, credit card, cheque, fpos, direct debit payment methods.
  • The system has no restriction on the number of stock items, monthly or yearly renewal fee.